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Wholesale Flameless Candle

Wholesale flameless candles are a safe, clean and elegant alternative to typical wax burning candles. Battery-operated candles make use of LED lights that flicker just like a real flame. They provide the same look and ambiance but without the worry or mess. Candles run on two ‘C’ batteries and will provide up to 3,000 hours of candlelight.

With many fires caused by traditional candles each year, flameless candles are a smart alternative with no exposed flame and no fire risk. Flameless LED candles meet all fire codes and can be used casually or for any special occasion.

Unlike traditional candles, flameless candles offer convenient lighting options. Simply switch them on or off as needed, or use the handy programmable timer to automate your candles’ illumination timings. Candles can be set to stay on from 1-23 hours.

Wholesale flameless candles allow you to enjoy the ambiance of real candles at affordable prices with cost-saving benefits.
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Wholesale Flameless Candle

Finally there is a way to have candles and be safe too. Never worry again about a candle being tipped or spilled with wholesale flameless candles in your establishment. The risk of fire is instantly eliminated with a wholesale flameless candle and is designed to recreate the look of a fire-burning candle.
Flameless candles are a better alternative to traditional candles without the heat and without the worry. Wholesale flameless candles are available in various sizes, from votives, tea lights, to tall taper candles and in a number of different designs to set a specific mood or celebrate a special moment.

Moving Flame and Low-Burning Options

Moving flame LED candles use an internal LED source that shines up a flame tip. The LED creates the look of a moving flame with a dance-like motion so stunning and so realistic, it is indistinguishable from traditional, burning candles. Other options with a subtle realistic wick design provides soothing ambiance with the effect of a low-burning flame candle. The entire body of the candle pulses and glows like a real candle with a number of designs and colors to choose from.
Flameless candles can be used repeatedly and always look just as good as they did during the first use. The candles don’t actually melt, which means there’s no mess to clean up and they always maintain their shape and size. Candles will turn on/off according to the schedule that you decide; they can be set to stay on from 1-23 hours.

Create an Unmatched Ambiance

Wholesale flameless candles are perfect for setting the scene. In each candle, LEDs and a computer flicker chip work together to produce multiple points of randomly shifting light, creating an authentic flicker and perfect warm glow.
Enjoy all of the same benefits of a real candle with a flameless wholesale candle.
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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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